The benefits of a UK hot tub retreat

The benefits of a UK hot tub retreat

Let’s be honest, most of us are ready for a relaxing break this year! Some people will be choosing to go abroad but others may be more interested in a UK break, we can’t blame you, there are some lovely sights! There are many added extras that can make your trip that little bit more exciting, and relaxing! In this blog we’re telling you the benefits of a UK hot tub retreat.

Sometimes just being away from home and getting away from the stresses of everyday life is enough to help you to relax. But how would you feel if there was potential for a hot tub just to make your UK retreat that little more relaxing? We can offer you just that. Whether you’re on the way for a weekend hot tub break, or even a family hot tub trip, there’s plenty of options when staying with us.

All of our holiday lodges and log cabins have their own private hot tubs ready to be enjoyed by you. This accommodation option sleeps between 2 and 10 guests, so have a look through and find the perfect stay for you. Our cosy lodge, ‘Pawprint Chalet‘ also allows you to bring your four legged friend with you, so you can have a break with the whole family.

What are the benefits of a UK hot tub holiday?


Sure, you’ll probably have time to relax wherever you end up going away, but how about making that a guarantee? The heat and flow of the bubbles in a hot tub can really help you to feel more relaxed. The best part is that it’s your very own private hot tub, just waiting for you to enjoy whenever you fancy.

Maybe you’ll spend the day out and come back for a relaxing retreat, so you can enjoy the stunning night sky in one of our bubbling hot tubs. Or maybe you’re an early bird and quite like the idea of a morning soak to start the day off right. Either way, it’s yours to enjoy and it’s right on your doorstep.

We’re not far from the Lake District National Park or the sandy beaches of Blackpool, so there’s plenty of fun activities for you to do while you stay, especially if you enjoy the great outdoors.

Health benefits

Not only do hot tubs help you to relax, they also have scientifically proven health benefits. These can include reducing the symptoms of aches and pains, lowering blood pressure and in turn improving sleep. Better sleep will leave you feeling more refreshed and ready for all of the fun activities you may have planned during your stay! There is also research to suggest that hot tubs can help to reduce the effects of arthritis and stress!

Care for your heart

Even just having a soak for a short while during your hot tub retreat can provide health benefits to your cardiovascular system. This is due to the warm temperature of the hot tub raising your body temperature and improving the blood flow around your body. This can help to reduce high blood pressure too. While it probably isn’t on your list for your hot tub break, it’s definitely an added bonus.


Our luxury cabins and lodges with hot tubs can provide you with the perfect way to socialise while relaxing at the same time. So, whether you’re away with friends or on a romantic break with your other half, you can grab a drink and chat until the sun goes down. Did you know you can also purchase inflatable board games for a fun family night in? When you’ve had enough of relaxing inside your private hot tub, you can head inside to the warmth of your own cosy cabin or lodge and enjoy a movie night. Our hot tubs can be used all year round, in the heat of summer and the cold frost of winter.

Enjoy the view

Our lovely holiday park is located in a small village in Lancashire, and we are lucky enough to be just next to a gorgeous spring fed lake, which is full of natural beauty. Why not kick back inside your outdoor hot tub and enjoy the stunning sights that we have to offer. You may be able to spot some interesting nature and possibly even our own Ronnie, the Ream Hills otter.

How to book your UK hot tub retreat

Say goodbye to your daily stresses for a while and start making some memories with a hot tub holiday at Ream Hills. Don’t forget that we have a dog friendly option. You can book now on our website, we can’t wait to welcome you.